Hidden Secrets of Sherry Dyson Biography: Wife of Chris Gardner


Shirley Dyson was a famous mathematician and married to Chris Gardner, a highly respected financial expert. Her native state was Virginia, in the Southeastern Part of the United States.

Basic Information about Sherry Dyson

Real Name Sherry Dyson
Profession Mathematician
Famous For The ex-Wife of Chris Gardner
Date of Birth The date of Birth of Sherry Dyson is not known.
Birth Place Virginia, United States
Net Worth $100,000
Nationality American

Her specialty was mathematics education. The couple got married in 1977. Besides being a businessman, investor, and stockbroker, her husband is also a well-known American businessman. Also, in May 2006, he published his memoir, “The Pursuit of Happiness”.

Early Life

No One knows about her exact date of birth. She was born in the state of Virginia in the United States. Unfortunately, the identity of her parents has not known.

Her parents are concerned. She only mentioned her father’s profession as a mortician and her mother as a high school teacher.
Due to the absence of siblings, she was likely raised by her parents alone. We do not know her age or zodiac sign because the precise date of birth of the actress remains unknown.


Despite being a member of the black ethnicity, she holds an American nationality. She is also African American. Her religious views and background also have been known at this point.


Her early education has not known. Morgan State University is the only school we know she attended. During her time at the University of Michigan, she earned a master’s degree in education.

Sherry Dyson Family

She has much misfortune occurring in her life due to her family’s way of life, which wasn’t a good sign for a happy marriage. They gave birth to Christopher Jarrett Gardner Jr. on January 28, 1981.

Jackie Medina and Chris Gardner had an affair while he was living with Sherry. Soon after the experience began, she became pregnant with his child. Having been married to Sherry for three years, he moved in with Jackie and prepared to become a father.

They have already been faced with many conflicts in their relationship because they always do inappropriate things. As a result, they cannot handle their relationship and because of these conflicts.

Several arguments led to their divorce. Sherry Dyson’s life was full of bad situations due to a bad marriage experience.

The Ex-Wife of Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner
Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner, owner of a business in America, is the husband of Sherry Dyson. He has a wealth of $70 million. A successful businessman, he has amassed an impressive fortune.
Since he has made a lot of money from his business career, he has bought stock in many different companies to establish a reputation on the stock market.

Chris Gardner also contributed a lot to the tech industry. As an expert in entrepreneurship, many app developers, specifically on-demand delivery app developers, were inspired by Chris Gardner.

His marriage to Sherry has been a positive change in his life. They have been married since 1977. They have been together for a long time. She has been an accomplished mathematician. His career was outstanding, and she assisted her husband in his business.

Since She has taught lots of children in the past, she has helped her husband’s business. Her life’s too many exciting things that every person encounters daily.
Marriage was a state of confusion as neither she nor her husband knew what was going on between them.

In the end, they divorced because of misunderstandings after trying everything to make their marriage better and better.

Pregnant and Miscarriage

Sherry Dyson and Chris did not have a child while married, despite reports in several online tabloids. Instead, Sherry became pregnant after their wedding. Dyson, however, miscarried at that time. Both of them were disappointed by the tragic event.

Where has She been since her Divorce?


Her life is not well documented. The book “The Pursuit of Happiness” contains little information about her. Her husband wrote a book. If you are looking for real motivation in your life or career, you must read this book.


Sherry Dyson received her fame from her husband. She gained fame after being the subject of “The Pursuit of Happiness,”. All aspects of Sherry Dyson’s life have been pointed in this biography. As more information about her becomes available, we will update this page. Thanks for reading about Sherry Dyson’s life.

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