Why it is necessary to optimize your Link in Bio

Optimize your Link in Bio


Whether you own a large business or small, it may be impossible to get success online without a robust social profile. With over 1 billion actives users, Instagram has become the most powerful marketing tool, which means your business is incomplete without owning a compelling Instagram account. 

This marketing tool is not only one of the best marketing apps but also cannot be ignored. The best part is that Instagram introduced an incredible feature called the Instagram link in bio. This is the primary way to drive quality leads and traffic from Instagram to your business. 

Here I also like to let you know the downside of Instagram; however, it can be recovered. The bad part is that Instagram allows you to have only a single link in your bio in your entire profile. As a blogger, affiliate, or business owner, you may have many links that you want to connect with your Instagram audience, right? 

Then what to do? Should we accept these limitations and change the bio link whenever we publish new content? No, you don’t need to do so. With the Instagram link in bio tools, you can optimize your single connection to make the best get out from it. This way, you can connect your multiple links with your Instagram followers.  

How to optimize your Linkin Bio

Before proceeding further, I would like to answer a question that I get asked more often: Why does Instagram allow a single clickable link? While scrolling through social networks, you might have seen irrelevant or spam content in the posts’ caption, especially in the comment section, right? Due to this, Instagram puts some limitations when adding links. 

Let’s come to know about how we can optimize this single Link. You might have heard about the Instagram link in bio tools. They allow users to create a personalized page to host whatever they want. Some of these provide customizable landing pages that can be further customized as per users’ needs. 

There are many link bio tools, including LinkBook, Campsite, Shorby, Tap. Bio, and Linktree. They all are user-friendly. They don’t require you to be a web developer or program. You must have basic knowledge like how to sign-up. Once you create your page, copy its URL, and paste it into your bio right under the website section. 

When someone clicks it, they will be directed to the page you have created using an Instagram link in bio. You can add videos, blog posts, images, GIFs, product links, affiliate links, and whatever you want to be here. Let’s here proceed to take a quick look at some famous tools. 


Though LinkBook recently came into the market, it offers excellent features without any cost. It allows you to create a page to house your multiple links to show everything on one page. One of the most outstanding features of LinkBook is that it has integrations with Facebook, Google analytics, and Mailchimp. Here are some features LinkBook provides; 

  • Advanced link tracking facility
  • Custom domains for your landing pages 
  • Media embedding
  • Animated links
  • Scheduled links
  • In-depth statistics 


It comes with a user-friendly interface so you can get things quickly. Link. Bio allows you to create a unique page to house your collection of links on one page. You can enjoy the following features using Link. Bio;

  • Free plan
  • Unlimited links
  • Mobile-optimized landing pages 
  • Integrations with Google Analytics and Facebook pixel
  • Custom domains, and more. 


The Campsite is free to use. Like other bio tools, Campsite also provides landing pages so you can host your multiple business links. Above all, you can integrate your landing pages to Mailchimp and Google analytics. Here are some of its features;

  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • Campsite allows you to rearrange and edit links
  • You can add customizable fonts and scheduled links

Shop by

Shorty doesn’t offer a free version. You have to purchase a premium plan if you’re interested in using Shorby’s features. It allows you to create mobile-optimized innovative pages so you can house videos, text, affiliate links, GIFs, etc. The following features you will get using Sorby;

  • It provides a URL shortener
  • Shorty also facilitate you with dynamic feeds
  • Customizable templates
  • Social icons
  • Messenger buttons


The tools I mentioned above are beneficial. Without optimizing your Link in bio, it may be impossible to drive quality leads. Thus, use any one of the tools mentioned above to support your Instagram profile. 

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