When looking for the best call center software, ask these 5 questions to position you for the future

best call center software,


Best call center software

Welcome on board if you, like many other businesses, including your competitors, modernize your business operations with the call center software selection process. Choosing the right call center solution will likely improve customer and agent satisfaction and overall labor cost management, among many other advantages.

Requirements, features, and pricing heavily influence the selection of software. The requirements are frequently focused on current circumstances. Still, it would help if you had call center software to grow and change your business and facilitate your business evolution to be cost-effective and resource-efficient.

By asking informed questions, you can be sure you’re getting the best call center software for small business. As a result, here are five questions you should ask to determine whether the solutions you’re considering will meet both your current and future business requirements.

1. Does it support any future channels you might add?

future business
future business

Is it going to meet your future business needs?

Ask call center software providers how they handle contacts from digital channels like email, chat, SMS, social media, and more, even if you only offer phone customer service right now.

It is because there’s a good chance your company will support some of these channels in the near future, and you’ll need call center software that can support and manage them effectively.

Customers and agents can seamlessly move their conversations across multiple channels while interacting with the best call center software, resulting in an omnichannel experience.

Here is some specific call center software to ask about:

  • Automatic Contact Distributor (ACD)

The automatic contact distributor acts as a traffic cop, directing incoming calls to the appropriate destination. Using sophisticated business rules, omnichannel ACDs can intelligently match contacts from all channels to the right agent at the right time.

  • Workforce Management

When you add more channels, your workforce management team will have to look for ways to forecast and schedule beyond phone calls. Even with the impact of multi-skilled agents, the best call center software can handle it.

  • Agent Interface

Inquire about call center software providers’ desktops when they support multi-channels. Agents should ideally have a unified inbox that allows them to manage their entire workload holistically.

  • Reporting and Analytics

Reports and analytics are critical for any company, and contact centers are no exception. You can see call center metrics like incoming call volume, call trends, and agent efficiency when you run a contact center.

Reports enable you to identify common issues raised by customers and highlight potential training opportunities. You can’t manage a schedule or plan for the future without accurate reports on how your team handles traffic fluctuations.

  • Escalation Management

Businesses use escalation management to control the growth of urgent customer support inquiries. Customers can move forward with the appropriate party at each step of the process from when they call with an issue. Your agents can use the escalation management software to de-escalate issues by offering vouchers, discounts, and refunds in a single call.

  • Real-Time Call Monitoring

Your manager can monitor and track your agents’ calls in real-time using Real-Time Call Monitoring software. It gives managers call analytics, dashboards, alerts, and more and tracks speech patterns.

Your managers can use real-time monitoring to track and analyze agent performance, identify training opportunities, and implement effective business strategies to boost overall productivity.

2. Is the integration process easy?

process easy
process easy

How is the integration process?

Even if you plan to use your call center software as a stand-alone solution, inquire about the integrations process if your plans change. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are frequently integrated with call center software, and these integrations enable capabilities that increase efficiency and improve customer experience.

When the two are linked, contacts are automatically logged in the CRM system, ensuring that businesses have a complete record of each customer’s interactions with them.

  1. Is an at-home agent model supported by the software?supported by the software

supported by the software

Work part-time from home

The pandemic of Covid-19 highlighted the importance of being able to work from home. Many businesses were caught off guard, but those with the best call center software could quickly transition to an at-home model.

Call center software for cloud-based business phone systems, also known as hosted business phone systems, has been improved to support a geographically dispersed agent workforce. Having realistic contingency plans in place, even if work-from-home agents aren’t part of your long-term plans.

  1. What are the capabilities of the other software systems?

software systems
software systems


Whether you’re looking for a new automatic call distribution system, workforce management system, or want to integrate your existing interactive voice response with your new ACD, it’s important to know what other modules and capabilities are available from service providers.

You may decide to add analytics and quality management software in the future, ideally from the same call center software provider, to ensure that they work well together. Learning about their capabilities now will help you avoid being surprised later if you need to replace that old IVR if the integration fails quickly.

  1. What if we open another company in a different location?

Opening another branch in a different location is easier with cloud-based technology

Business expansion is simple and cost-effective with the best call center software. If your software is for on-premise call center solutions, expanding your business means buying more servers, hiring more IT staff, and purchasing more licenses, making it difficult to grow.

Expansion with a cloud-based solution, on the other hand, is frequently easier because it is simple to establish a connection and pay for additional users. Knowing what you’ll need to support your company’s growth will help you make better purchasing decisions.

Call center software improves customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week increases productivity and efficiency, and lowers costs. Your company gains an immediate competitive advantage over its competitors by investing in call center software.

Contact Free PBX, a leading call center solution provider, to customize your ideal call center software. You can grow your business to its full potential with the help of the Avaaz team who will offer the best call center software that meets your current and future business needs.

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