Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Chatbot Developer


How a chatbot can help you with your business is now well-established, and you’ve seen the proof. A chatbot developer has, and now it’s time to start assessing them and choose who to hire.

All chatbot developers should ask themselves these ten questions. They should make her sweat. You may be paying her a lot of money, but you need to ensure they can deliver on her promises. 

What kind of chatbots have you created previously?

Your first instinct could be to say, “Let’s just get right to the point.” When asked initially, this question serves as a qualification for the rest of the discourse.

Chatbot developers may be satisfied with their initial creation or looking for a track record of success. As a result, enterprise-level clients may want proof that the chatbot developer has worked with Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, or other large companies.

The answer to this question might be for a chatbot developer, especially in a new sector. It’s rare to find a company that has created enough chatbots to impress you with their case studies. May not be any instances of chatbots in your specific sector, even among those who have used them before.

Suppose you want to be confident in the chatbot developer‘s abilities. In that case, you may have to look for unrelated roles or achievements that the chatbot developer has had and combine them. Having a Certified Chatbot developer on a bot is a good reason to trust their capabilities. 

When it comes to building chatbots, what lessons have you learned so far?

In any case, they should be able to tell you what makes them a better chatbot developer than others, even if they have never developed a chatbot before.

Chatbot development, like all other programming professions, necessitates a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and understanding. No matter if it’s suggestions on how to achieve 150 messages per second, the best approach to build a Facebook Messenger campaign, or obtaining the most user interaction. Because of this, your chatbot developer will need to demonstrate her expertise.

Can you tell me precisely what my chatbot is going to accomplish for me?

There is a new language for chatbots. For starters, even the press and developers cannot tell if they are talking about chatbots, chatbots, bots, or chatterbots (see below) (FYI, stick with chatbots).

It may be difficult for you to convey what you want your chatbot developer to create. However, the language is brand-new; it changes depending on the delivery channel (for example, Facebook Messenger vs. Slack), and it may get complex rapidly if artificial intelligence.

Who is in charge of writing the material for the chatbot?

As a result of this, your chatbot needs words to converse with you. Our conversation might be more than simply words depending on what your chatbot needs to accomplish. Who can include even audio and video?

When it comes to engaging with your chatbot, it’s not just about functionality. Conversational AI by the chatbot’s personality – its tone, language, and how much the user likes it. All of this is a result of copywriting.

Who is responsible for this content? You’d best make sure they are also a top-notch copywriter.

Who creates the images? When it comes to filing size, are they appropriate for the channel your chatbot is using? Your developer should tell you what the optimum ratio for a picture is on Facebook Messenger. Now that they’ve read this, they’ll do so!

What happens if my chatbot developer suddenly stops responding?

What happens if the chatbot stops operating after you’ve invested a lot of money in it? Request a Service Level Agreement from the developer (SLA).

What happens if your chatbot stops working? This document should be legally enforceable. SLAs generally guarantee a certain percentage of uptime. The phrase “99.99 percent uptime guarantee” is undoubtedly familiar to you. It will also tell you how much money you’ll get back if your chatbot goes down.

Where is my chatbot hosted?

If your chatbot is for a particular purpose, consider privacy and data issues. As a result, what you can do with your data will depend on where it is.

Primarily if your chatbot interacts with sensitive information, such as financial or medical data, this is crucial (ensure you have adequate legal in place before even considering doing anything with financial or medical data for more details click here.

Are you utilizing any other services to build my chatbot?

Who introduced numerous platforms for developing chatbots on your own in 2016. Drag-and-drop, code-free, and easy-to-develop basic chatbots are all available on these platforms. To develop shallow, flow-based, and non-artificially intelligent solutions, they. Essentially, they’re the WordPress of chatbots, valid for the masses but not for high-end, customized companies.

What happens if my chatbot receives 100,000 messages at once?

You’ve got an active chatbot, sending and receiving messages. Your scope document, ideally, has addressed this. But what happens when there are thousands of users?

You may see your chatbot slow down or even stop operating if too many people try to talk to it at the same time.

Which company owns my chatbot?

Similar to the other questions, this one should be outlined in the contract that you both sign. Ownership of chatbots presently falls into one of two groups: propriety or open source.

The best approach to advertise my chatbot?

Most developers will provide you advice on what to do with your chatbot once it is complete, as it is a relatively young business. The developer’s understanding of the more significant sector may be gauged by inquiring about marketing, engagement, and KPIs.

That way, you’ll know if your developer is up-to-date with the competition and best practices, even if they provide you samples of how other firms have done it.

Wrapping up

So here are the top ten essential questions you need to ask from your chatbot developer to make sure everything goes smoothly. If you want to learn more about chatbot development, enroll in a chatbot course to get started.


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