Tips To Drive Safely on The Road- Basic Rules That Driving School Will Teach You


Driving safely is integral, whether you are driving alone or accompanying people inside the car. Irrespective of whether you are a learner or a seasoned driver, situations may arise when you might find yourself multitasking while taking your seat behind the wheel. Some of you may have even tried multitasking on long trips. However, easy this may appear to you, it’s not a good idea to ride a car with your mind fully engaged in other things. If you want to improve on your driving skills, even if that means the basic ones, we are here to help.

We understand that you have got your lessons already from a driving school Scarborough. Here is a list of everything you need to follow for a great ride. Have a look:

Did you conduct a safety check on your vehicle?

Before you board your vehicle remember to check its controls and other parts. First start with the headlights, the taillights, the tire tread, the clutch, and brakes.

Adjust the mirrors and your seat properly

Adjust the mirrors
Adjust the mirrors

You must not suddenly start up your car without adjusting your mirrors and seat. Find out if the mirrors have been adjusted right. Tilt them if necessary and find out if your seat is in a comfortable position. Whether you are able to access the controls is also important.

Do not use the mobile phone

Though this is an obvious move, we will still want you to follow this. Mobile phones are a major distraction. They have led to major mishaps.

Practice defense driving

Driving demands attention and skill. One of the things that a driving school teaches its learners is defensive driving. There are some potential hazards that you can avoid with defensive driving skills. These include driving the vehicle at a controllable speed, assuming the other driver’s intention, preparing yourself to respond to what other drivers are intending to do and being careful at intersections, and staying focused by eliminating distractions.

Looking ahead while driving

Looking ahead while driving
Looking ahead while driving

While driving you should be able to look far ahead. It should not necessarily be on the vehicle ahead of you. In order to respond well, you should scan the road ahead of you even a mile ahead of you.

Never be too close to a car

As it is hard to read the intentions of a driver you might want to tailgate with the vehicle in front of you which is not right. Maintain a safe car distance from the one ahead of you. There should be enough distance to respond to when the vehicle in front suddenly stops or turns.

Avoid any NO zone that you may come across

There are bigger vehicles like trucks and even buses which will accompany you on the road. Remember drivers driving a bus or truck enjoy a raised seat which gives them a blind spot also called No-Zone. Tailgating these vehicles is not recommended since drivers who drive them can’t see everything in the mirror.

Following traffic signals

Following traffic signals
Following traffic signals

Pay attention to which light is being turned on. Obeying traffic lights is also a key rule which you should follow. It helps you drive without risks. Don’t hurry. Follow the lights and act accordingly.

Be careful of bad weather

When you are driving in bad weather, remember to stay cautious. Make sure you maintain a certain amount of space in between the vehicles. Drive your vehicle below the set speed limit. Be alert as you come across curves. When the driving condition turns worse, be patient and wait for a safer place to arrive.

Wear the seat belt

Wear the seat belt
Wear the seat belt

Before sitting behind the steering wheel, make sure you have worn the seat belts properly. This will help you from collisions.

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