14 Mid Length Hairstyles For All Hair Type With Brazilian Human Hair

Hair Type With Brazilian Human Hair


 Below are 15 beautiful medium-length hairstyles for all hair types 

The days of your hair’s awkward mid-length stage are long gone. The popularity of medium-length hairstyles began with Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel cut in Friends and now reached a pinnacle with a slew of individuals clamoring for their shoulder-length style.

According to various beauty insiders, this hair length is one of the most popular trends in salons right now.

So, here are 14 medium-length hairstyles for all hair types that can be easily achieved with Brazilian virgin human hair

Lob With Face-Framing Bangs

Beautiful wavy bob with bangs
Beautiful wavy bob with bangs

One of the best things about bangs is that they help balance the proportion of any face shape. This lob hairstyle with face-framing bangs also helps conceal the forehead and abbreviate long face. 

In addition, when the bangs are parted diagonally on an angular face, the hairstyle helps disguise prominent, full cheeks. 

This hairstyle is easily achievable with Brazilian bundles or wigs.

Styling tip: Add subtle color to this lob with face-framing bangs and create curls or waves depending on how you feel. 

Loose Curly Lob With Bangs

Loose Curly Lob With Bangs
Loose Curly Lob With Bangs

Are you looking for a way to attain a fuller appearance with your hair? Well, this medium-length loose curly hairstyle with bangs is an excellent choice for you. 

This gorgeous hairstyle has volume, the perfect length, face-framing bangs, and lustrous curls. The hairstyle is chic on its own, and the short spiral bangs bring the entire look together. 

Shop for bundles that have a hint of color to add extra oomph to the hair. Use a curl-enhancing cream to define the beautiful pattern of the heap and make heads turn. 

Dark Caramel Colored Curls 

A perfect combination of color and curls
A perfect combination of color and curls

Get virgin Remy hair bundles sewn in to replicate this gorgeous hairstyle. The dark caramel-colored curls made with human hair bundles are pretty low-maintenance and offer a fabulous look. 

The curly ringlets are durable, and you will be able to achieve a few different hairstyles like a loose low ponytail and a side-parted voluminous hairstyle. 

Parted Wavy Brown Overgrown Lob 

A celebrity's favorite hairstyle 
A celebrity’s favorite hairstyle

This parted wavy brown overgrown lob hairstyle is laidback and stylish. It is a visually effortless and classy hairstyle that you can achieve with hair bundles and extensions. 

Create the wavy texture by curling the hair outwards and pair it with jeans, a button-down t-shirt, and a pair of simple hoop earrings and red lipstick. 

Turn this laidback look to a sensual and sultry one with smokey eyes if you are heading out for the night. 

Blonde Ombre With Subtle Layers 

Blonde ombre hairstyle
Blonde ombre hairstyle

The blonde ombre hairstyle with subtle layers is ideal for women who want a sleeker look than their tightly curled or coarse hair.

Shop for blonde ombre hair bundles and have them sewn in for a protective and semi-permanent look that is easy to maintain. 

Customize the sew-in weave by creating subtle layers and get the look of your dreams in less than an hour. 

This hairstyle is ideal for any event and looks chic with every outfit, regardless of the season. 

Chic Faux Mohawk Updo 


Chic faux Mohawk updo with Brazilian human hair 

Who says you can’t make a faux Mohawk updo with 100 virgin human hair extensions? This chic faux Mohawk hairstyle with 4c textured extensions is a show stopper. 

Protect your natural curls with this stunning updo hairstyle and make heads turn. 

Pair this look with earrings and beautiful makeup. 

Medium Layered Twists 

Medium layered twists 
Medium layered twists

Wear your short hair in a medium-layered twist hairstyle with Brazilian weave extensions. This way, you will be able to protect your hair and flaunt a beautiful hairstyle simultaneously. 

The protective twists are molded in such a way that they cascade gracefully over the shoulder. 

Parted Medium-Length Bun

Parted medium length bun hairstyle
Parted medium length bun hairstyle

This parted medium-length bun hairstyle is a simple and classic look that is appropriate for every occasion. 

Elevate the bun with a face-framing rolled mane on both sides and slay your meeting or your lunch date in style. 

Pair this hairstyle with a pair of stud earrings and a turtleneck sweater along with a blazer during cold days. 

The hairstyle looks fantastic with kinky straight sew-in bundles. 

Twist Braid In A Chignon 

Twist braided chignon
Twist braided chignon

The twist braid in a chignon is a unique alternative hairstyle for women with 4c hair and provides an elegant result. This is an awesome medium-length hairstyle that is easily achievable with the best virgin Brazilian hair extensions. 

Whether heading to work or attending a wedding ceremony, this hairstyle will make you stand out in the crowd. 

Wear an outfit that shows off your beautifully curated chignon if you are attending a wedding. 

Medium-Length Box Braids 

Medium length box braids with cuffs 
Medium length box braids with cuffs

Brazilian virgin human hair bundles are the best for a medium-length box braid hairstyle.

This hairstyle boasts chunky box braids with golden hair cuffs placed strategically. 

This hairstyle offers a fantastic look while keeping your natural hair protected from external damages. Leave your edges out during the installation process so you can style your advantages in any pattern and design. 

Voluminous And Wavy Shoulder-Length Hairstyle 

Voluminous And Wavy Shoulder-Length Hairstyle 
Voluminous And Wavy Shoulder-Length Hairstyle

A voluminous and wavy hairstyle 

This voluminous and wavy shoulder-length hairstyle will make heads turn wherever you go. Use a few extensions to achieve volume, and you will look fabulous regardless of the method of extension installation, i.e., tape-in, clip-in, or sew-in.

Shop for extensions with a subtle hair color if you don’t want a bright hue and straight or loose wavy pattern.

This voluminous and wavy hairstyle looks great in dresses and jeans, and you will notice how it boosts your confidence instantly. 

Side Twisted Hairstyle

Side Twisted Hairstyle
Side Twisted Hairstyle

A quick and easy hairstyle for busy mornings 

This side twisted hairstyle is perfect for a busy morning when your hair is still damp, and you don’t have enough time for a full twist-out style. 

You can achieve this hairstyle with a double beach twist and secure the ends with a hair tie. 

Whether you are late for work or a lecture, this medium-length hairstyle with virgin extensions will get you ready in under five minutes and make you look effortlessly beautiful. 

Shoulder-Length Faux Locs 

Violet faux locs 
Violet faux locs

This shoulder-length violet faux locs with virgin Remy hair bundles is another beautiful protective hairstyle. The hairstyle is created by twisting your natural hair and adding bundles. 

The faux locs in violet color, and medium length provides a youthful and trendy appearance. 

Double Twist Bun Hairstyle 

Double twist bun hairstyle 
Double twist bun hairstyle

The double twist bun hairstyle is another example of how you can achieve a stunning tied medium-length hairstyle with extensions and bundles—a fun hairstyle for young women. 

These 14 hairstyles prove just how trendy medium-length hair is right now. There is no limit from medium-length hair with bangs, parted ombre to a variety of braided hairstyles. There is a hairstyle for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best virgin hair bundles and extensions and flaunt the look of your dreams. 


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  1. Awesome content! Loved every bit of it. Now I can comfortably recreate any mid-length hairstyles for all hair types with my Brazilian human hair the correct way. I now know how to recreate the above-mentioned hairstyles the right way.

    Will be waiting for more content. Keep up the good work!

  2. My coily hair was kinda hard to style. After reading this blog I am definitely going for mid-length. I can’t seem to fall in love with medium-layer twists. Thank you for writing.


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