Visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo


Dubai is perhaps the most lovely and striking emirates of the United Arab Emirates. Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Mall, Dubai Aquarium, and submerged zoo. These all are phenomenal and are instances of excellence and appeal. Individuals love to visit these magnificent places and go through their days off with loved ones in the city of gold.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, one of the manufactured miracles, is a spot that merits visiting. If you are in Dubai for your excursions or a visit, you should visit it once during your outing. This excellent Aquarium is situated on the ground floor of Dubai Mall, the biggest shopping center on the planet. The fundamental tank of this Aquarium is 51 meters long, 11 meters in tallness, and 20 meters in width. Dubai Aquarium was granted an “Authentication of Excellence” by Tripvisitor in the year 2012.

Here we will reveal to you the most astonishing and intriguing realities about this excellent Aquarium and different things that you can do in Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Contact vehicle rental Dubai to appreciate Dubai aquarium, submerged zoo, and different attractions in Dubai.

1-Animals at the Aquarium

Animals at the Aquarium
Animals at the Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium has 140 types of various creatures, alongside a great many sea-going creatures in it. It has around 300 sharks and beams, additionally with the number of otters and crocodiles independently. This Aquarium additionally has the most considerable number of sand tiger sharks. Additionally, over this Aquarium, a submerged zoo is situated on level two. It has lovely creature species like Archerfish, Lionfish, Water Rats, Seahorses, Dwarf Crocodiles, Otters, Humboldt Penguins, and some more.

2-Aquarium Tank

Aquarium Tank
Aquarium Tank

This tank is home to 140 delightful types of amphibian creatures. This interesting aquarium tank is occupied by sharks, bears, crocodiles, and other lively marine animals that will captivate kids just as grown-ups. There is likewise an extraordinary assortment of sand tiger sharks and stingrays.

3-Aquarium Tunnel

Aquarium Tunnel
Aquarium Tunnel

It is situated on the ground floor of Dubai Mall. It is 48 meters in length stroll through the burrow that gives you a 270-degree all-encompassing perspective as this passage is 11 meters beneath the outside of the aquarium tank. An Aquarium burrow is an intriguing method to be a piece of the magnificent universe of marine life. This spot is ideal for getting magnetic snaps as marine animals will be swimming directly over your head.

4-Underwater Zoo

Underwater Zoo
Underwater Zoo

This beautiful Aquarium, this submerged zoo, is situated on level two of Dubai Mall. This zoo is partitioned into three natural zones 1. Rainforest, 2. Rough Shore and 3. Living Ocean. These all contain a different number of marine life in them. Also, this zoo permits you to find the grand scope of marine creatures through 40 distinctive showcase tanks. The fascinating thing about this submerged zoo is featuring the perspective on King Crocodile, which covers over the length of 5m and is 750 kgs in weight. This enormous reptile is a local of Queensland (Australia).

Things you can do in Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

There are a few things that you can do at this beautiful and fantastic spot. Everything relies on your soul and the degree of experience you need to do. This spot permits you to partake in the adventures of sea-going existence with various fascinating exercises. The excellent amphibian encounters are given here.

1-Shark Feeding

Shark Feeding
Shark Feeding

From the wellbeing of being inside an enclosure, you will see that affirmed prepared jumpers are taking care of those lethal sharks with cans of fish. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo offer an exciting shark taking care of experience where you can partake in the taking care of craze. It’s a 30 minutes daring experience for you alongside a rush that will raise your pulse because of energy and dread.

2-Shark Cage Diving

It will be an intriguing encounter for you, likewise loaded with dread and rush, as you will see the shark only a couple of centimeters from you. The most intriguing thing is that you don’t need swimming abilities for this experience. You can plunge into the profundities of this tank loaded with 10 million liters of water to observe the most significant populace of tiger sharks in a submerged zoo.

3-VRZOO Experience

Prepare to enter the universe of computer-generated reality, which allows you an opportunity to slander in the wild universe of the absolute most amazing creatures on the planet. You can see the whale sharks in the Maldives, tigers of India, or standard woods of Africa without pulling your muscle. You are currently ready to see the universe of creatures with their normal territories in this exceptionally improving and only accessible Dubai Aquarium and submerged zoo. VRZOO will take you on an astonishing excursion that is brimming with energy.

4-Wonders at the Underwater Zoo

It is without a doubt an excellent encounter for you when you will meet the most remarkable and massive hunter (King Crocodile) in its territory. Numerous feelings like dread, rush, and joy is blended to watch this astonishing animal of Queensland.

UAE’s night animal is another surprising and instructive excursion for you in this world brimming with colorful and astounding natural life. It is a 200 square meter fascination that offers you an instructive visit through the animal that is local to the UAE.

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After the complete details, At this point, what are you sitting tight. Plan your outing today and experience this work of art. An experience that Who should not take lightly is ahead hanging tight for you.

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